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Fan Yang

Crypto Trade Board 4/14/2018 - Review

The bullish energy in the crypto market eased up during the 4/14 session. Still, we were able to come up on top, continuing our April streak.

We racked up with 3,502,379 satoshis for a total of 30,824,758 satoshis (0.3 BTCs) since 3/9, using an account with 3 BTCs (to allow at max 30 open/live positions). 

This was a result of:
4 Losers: ICN (-1.10%), ICX (-1.53%), GNT (-5.75%), XVG (-7.76%). We used 0.8 position size for GNT for risk control, but XVG stopped below our original stop due to execution slippage.
4 Winners: NANO (+2.45%), POWR (+9.41%), ARK (+13.15%), and SC (+25%)

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BTC/USD, LTC/USD, and ETH/USD add and trim levels are the same. (Remember we recently trimmed Ethereum at $500 after we added at $405 (almost 25% gain in USD). 

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