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Fan Yang

Who are the Richest 20 Crypto Billionaires and Millionaires?

Let's get right to the list that Forbes created. It should be noted that this is based on late January prices. That means their crypto wealth was probably twice as high at the peak in Dec/Jan.


Remember when XRP went to $3.80? let's see. 5.2B x $3.80 = $19.76B at one point.
I spoke with Miguel Vias, Ripple's Chief of Markets today (2/7). 
Ripple is now the 3rd largest crypto with a market cap around $29B (2/8/2018).


Located in Brooklyn, ConsenSys helps companies that want to build on the Ethereum Blockchain.


It is kind of ironic that the largest cryptocurrency is in a country that is putting all these roadblocks against trading
Binance will also be moving out of China due to stiffening regulatory environment.
As far as a mobile trading app for crypto, I think Binance is above the crowd. 


The exchange is Gemini.
They took that payout from Facebook ($11M) and invested into crypto. These boys keep on rolling.


First investor on this list. 
Second person to be on this list because of XRP. Will there be a third?


Another New York based company.
With all these exchanges and wallets getting hacked, Coinbase has become a leader in this space. 
Binance is the exchange you buy alts on, while Coinbase is for the major, largest market cap coins. 



2nd Investor.
2nd top 20 richest to have benefited from Ethereum's rise. 





Hope this guy doesn't burn out. 
The 3 platforms Forbes referred to are:
1) Steemit - decentralized social media platform. Think reddit on the blockchain, and with incentive structure to post, like, be engaged. 
2) Bitshare - decentralized exchange for cryptocurrencies.
3) EOS - smart contract platform. Similar to Ethereum but claims to be better.




This is the 3rd man on this list because of XRP.
Ripple is valued around $410M and he owns about 6.3% stake. 
It is the XRP coin that made Brad and the other 2 earlier on this list rich. 


An investor who owns a media outlet for crypto.


Probably the most popular guy on this list. 



Some Random Observations:

  • You probably wonder hey, it's 19 items on this list. Well, it's because the Winklevoss twins are counted as 2 people.
  • List contains all men, mostly white.
  • 3 rich off of XRP (not Ripple)
  • 3 rich off of Ethereum
  • Young group: 24 (Vitalik Buterin) to 57 (Chris Larsen)
  • 6 of the top 20 are operating mostly out of New York.
  • Most of these are Americans

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