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Fan Yang

Morgan Stanley (MS) Facing Key Resistance after Pullback

Looking at the daily chart, we can see that Morgan Stanley was bullish in 2017, but was topping right after the turn of the year. By now, we can see that price had formed a price top and has been in bearish correction mode. 

MS Daily Chart

(click to enlarge)

Testing Price Top:
- The daily chart shows a pretty clear price top, which had a neckline basically in the $50-$52 area. 
- After retreating to about $46.30, price started to recover in July.
- The 7/18 session saw price gap up and break above $50. 
- We just noted that $50-$52 was the price top neckline.
- The neckline was support, but now being tested as resistance.
- The 200-day simple moving average (SMA) also resides around $52.
- Finally, note that the RSI is rising towards 60. If the 2018 bearish correction is still in play, we should see the daily RSI hold under 60. This would reflect maintenance of the prevailing bearish momentum. 
- If price can't push above $52, we might see price retest the current low just above $46. But if price can get here, we are likely going to see another low on the year.
- A conservative bearish outlook would be $44 and a more aggressive one would be $40. 

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