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Fan Yang

Follow up on the AMD Buy-on-a-Dip Trade Idea

Last time we looked at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), we saw that price came down to our anticipated support. We discussed the reward to risk profile of a buy at 12.20, with a stop at 11.20 and targets 14 and 15.30.

AMD Daily Chart

(click to enlarge)

Bullish Swing; 1st Target Obtained:
- Price bounced off of 12.13 and closed the 7/11 session at 13.89, but it did tag 14.00 during the session.
- Our first target is therefore attained.  
- At this point, even if price came back down to 11.20 and hit our stop, there would be a gain. (This assumes we have 2 position of equal size, one with a target to 14.00 and the other to 15.30.)
Trailing Stop:
- We can lock in more of the gains if we move up the stop for the more aggressive position. For example, if we move the stop to 13.20, we would essentially lock in half the gains of the closed position.
- However this would give the trade less breathing room and limit the probability of hitting our 2nd target at 15.30. For example, it is totally possible that price retreats back below 13 before rallying towards 15.30. 

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